The Stagg logos

We found 3 main types of the Stagg logo, with slightly different colors/materials for each group:


Type 1 (decal):

This seems to be the oldest, but it was probably mantained through the years, since it appears on many "lawsuit-era" instruments



Type 2 (decal)

Mostly seen of "Fender" headstocks, it has the same shape of Type 3, either with silver or gold contour. Note the ® mark.



Type 3 (inlay):

Elegant mother-of-pearl inlay, typical of the mid-70s and early 80s


Type 3b (inlay):

As we noted elsewhere, this more "spaced" inlay could be the latest version, enabling to date the instruments as the late series produced (1981-82?)



Type 4 (on Rick Bass only):

Only to be seen on the Rickenbacker Bass, the graphics has no similarities to the others, in order to reproduce the "inspiration" of the original