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The purpose of this site is to collect and share information about one of the lesser known guitar brands of Japan in their golden era of guitar making.

Today STAGG is again a well-known manufacturer, but as a Chinese production of entry-level instruments, which seems to have little in common with the features of the Japanese guitars of the 70s and the early 80s.


The quality of these guitars is generally good to very good, comparable to mid-range Matsumoku (e.g. Aria, Vantage, Westone), and of course Ibanez  products.

On the quality level, see also here.


After many hypotesis and research, it is finally possible to partially trace the history of these guitars, which leads us without any doubt to the Fujigen factory, the same of Ibanez models - see here


As a matter of fact, unquestionable similarities can easily be found in some CIMAR catalogues, the Hoshino Gakki guitar brand related to Ibanez.

And we also found its “sister” European brand, i.e. EAGLE, based in France - see here, and some other minor versions (Mc Cormick, Rodie).


We still continue to gather all possible information, hoping that someone can contribute with notes, links, photos, catalogue scans, etc. - and make it available here.

Please feel free to contribute to the address

at the bottom of this page.

Anyone contributing will get credit for helping!

In these pages you will find photos of the models we actually own, or have been able to find on the Web,

or were submitted by their proud owners.










All the information here is provided free of charge for all seeking it. Using the resources here for financial gain without concern for the source and effort expended by all the contributors here is extremely disrespecftul.










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Open questions

for contributors:


a) STAGG guitars mostly show a logo stating

"A PRODUCT OF NB". What stands this for?

N = Nippon ?

B = ?


b) There is no external serial number, but in some cases you can find a stamp on the wood under the neck pickup (as in the photo). Can we use this to determine the year?


c) Is there a serious history of Electric Guitar Production in Japan?