Neckthrough 1

This model (no name or number on it) is a very well made example of a neckthrough construction, with mother-of-pearl inlays on the headstock and the fretboard.

The shape is rather unusual, both for the headstock and the body (the lower cutaway is very short).

Very original design, quality hardware, and excellent sustain!

Body: Ash sides and maple/nut/maple neck.

Rosewood fretboard with 24 frets. Brass nut and saddles.

Both humbuckers are splittable, thus producing a wide variety of sounds.



In September 2007, the same guitar but with different PUs  (not the original ones, I suppose - see photo) was on sale on [buy-it-now: 950 euro!!!, not sold...] pretending it was an 1975 instrument "in the design of the legendary guitarist Brian May", also "played in 1974 in tournée by Greg Lake" of E,L&P. Since I contacted the seller for more info, from his answer I can assure there is not any minimal evidence of that ;-)






Year: 1979 ?


the stamp under the neck PU bears 52.9.27

could it be

52 = week

9 = year [1979]

27 = piece n°




Vol. = 504042

Tone = 504072 

both bear this mark:

79 II I