Les Paul Standard

(100% Stagg?)

Andrea from Rome, Italy, kindly sent the pictures of this black Custom model with some remarks (see link on the right).






Another headstock, from a different guitar, with binding and inlay:


A nice model in 2-tone sunburst:



Mother-of-pearl covers: are they original?



And then... a little touch of mystery.

Dietmar form Germany is the owner of this curious model. A Les Paul Standard model. It bears no name on the headstock nor elsewhere, but we can clearly recognise the logo on the trussrod cover!

As always, "a product of NB". But can this be really considered a Stagg? Since the plate on the back is the "made in Japan" commonly used on the Stagg models, it is clearly possible that this guitar came into a cosmetic treatment, stripping the original color and putting into light the natural wood..

Note also the brass nut: a peculiar one, with (adjustable?) screw-like cross notch, making this a very interesting constructive solution, although very probably not original.








Year: ante 1977


It has a "lawsuit" headstock




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Year: ante 1978 (when it was bought used)