L6S Copy

An exact reproducion of the Gibson L6S.

All the hardware is a copy of the hardware found on the Gibson, including the 6-position rotary tone selector, which gives a good variety of sounds.

Solid blond coloured wood body (I doubt it's maple).

Maple fretboard with 24 frets.

2 chrome plated humbucking pickups. 

Mother-of-pearl inlay on the headstock and for the fretboard dots.





I recently found the same model but with a different (decal, not inlay) on the headstock:

The owner says that this last guitar has glued neck (!), and that he changed the Varitone in favor of a normal switch...


Same headstock and various modifications for this guitar (PUs and bell-shaped truss rod cover surely changed, the vol/tone knobs maybe not, although different from the Gibson blacks)







Year: 1976


Cimar (76) = mod. 1963


1) It has a "lawsuit" headstock

2) Gibson discontinued this model in 1980, and it's not likely that Stagg made it any more.




Vol. = 504042

Tone = 504072 

both bear this mark:

28 II I