A classic reproduction of the Telecaster shape in a nice transparent red.

The other pictures all represent a copy of the Deluxe Telecaster, though with a standard maple neck and fretboard with 21 frets.

Two Humbuckers and a very large pickguard.


Colin from England, the owner, states he purchased it in 1975 in Australia. He considers the guitar as an exact copy of a Squier Modified Telecaster Custom and suspects that they came from the same factory. The body - as said - is the same as a Fender telecaster Deluxe but the head and neck are the same as a Fender Telecaster Custom. Squier combined the two to produce the Modified.

The guitar is beautiful to play but prefers light or ultralight strings due to the light neck.


Very interesting is the Stagg logo, the same we found onto the Marauder copy. Possibly these two models place themselves between the "early" Hertiecaster and the other models bearing the more "common" logo (pictured on the homepage).





More Telecasters. One with different pickups (maybe not the original ones) and minor changes on the headstock:



Another one in dark natural finish:









Year: 1976


Cimar (76) = mod. 1943 CT