ES-335 TD

The first (and only?) archtop model I have seen in the Stagg production; it is a very close copy of the Gibson ES-335 TD with trapeze tailpiece (introduced 1964 and discontinued 1981, replaced by the DOT model).

The classic double cutaway, semi-hollowbody guitar.

This Stagg copy (here without its pickguard) has mother-of-pearl inlays on the headstock and the fretboard.

Body: Birch (?) top and back; maple neck; mahogany central block inside the body.

Translucent red finish on a beautiful woodgrain.

Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets.

Tune-o-matic bridge: Tokiwa




















Year: 1976


Cimar (76) = mod. 1970


1) It has a "lawsuit" headstock.

2) Gibson discontinued this model in 1981, and it's not likely that Stagg made it any more.