This model is owned by Ivan, a collector in Belgium (thanks for the pictures!). He has a very interesting site, well worth a visit: www.lordbizarre.com.

This exemplar bears a classical "Stagg" decal logo on the headstock: it seems to me a typical Japanese Strat-inspired "original" model from the late 60s or early 70s. They were many in Europe, as one can also see from today's Ebay auctions, and in Germany these are commonly described by the nickname "Hertiecaster".

Fully comparable to Cimar 1901 model, it is possible that it has been the first one in production for Stagg brand (no. "01" of the "19" series illustrated in Cimar 1975 and 1976 catalogues).


What is more interesting, there is in the same collecion a nearly identical guitar, but with the Hudson Super Swinger brand (below). The only difference is that its neck has bindings and its bridge is not aligned in parallel with the PU. And another very similar guitar has been reported under the brand Bellwood Super Swinger.





Year: late 60s


Cimar (75) = mod. 1901