Mc Cormick - Rodie



A third brand based on this Fujigen production can be identified, that is Mc Cormick, of which we found two examples. If the sunburst Stratocaster of the latest picture, although identical to the Stagg ones, can still leave some doubt, as it is after all a copy of the most succesful Fender model, this is not the case of the construction visbile in this Neckthrough model, very similar to Stagg NT1 not only in its shape, but also in the choice of the woods.




And it is still remarkable, from the comparaison between Stagg, Eagle an Mc Cormick, that these very similar guitars are not really identical. It seems that the Japanese luthiers at Fujigen deliberatly leave some differences by mixing the same materials and constructive choices (i.e. headstock shapes, wood combinations for the neck, vol/tone controls and switches) used for Stagg NT1, NT2, NT3, thus obtaining slightly different "series" of instruments and justifying, in some way, the existence of different brands. It is a sign of good craftmanship and attention to detail that recalls an attitude towards high artisanate even in this mass production, stimulated by the exigences of European importers.






A collector in the U.S. says: "The Eagle and Rodie are identical except for the headstock name, obviously made in the same factory, they look like they could have been made the same week". Unfortunately, no pictures. But it seems that Rodie can be considered as another brand for these Fujigen series.

For now, we only found a picture of its logo, on a Strat headstock: