Les Paul Custom

Of course there are some reproductions of the celebrated Les Paul Custom model. Thanks to Luc from Canada, here's a few info:

- solid mahogany body and neck

- solid maple carved top

- set neck

- rosewood fingerboard

- aprox. 9 lbs

- "a product of NB" on the trussrod cover

- no serial number (as in all Stagg models)

This model is highly praised by the owner for its great sustain; he also changed the (good) original pickups for a set of Gibson 500T and 496R that used to be in an 90s Explorer.

The volume and tone knobs are quite certainly the original ones: quite oddly, that seems to be the first (accurate) Custom copy I see with "Bell" instead of "Speed" knobs.








Other Les Paul Custom - using quality woods and the usual mother-of-pearl Stagg inlay on the headstock - are these two examples which come from Ebay auctions (unfortunately I didn't win them!)

The second model in Natural mounts a (non-original) active and spilttable bridge pickup.



One more example of a cross between LP Custom and Standard style (Black but not precisely "Black Beauty", note the knobs and the headstock with decal logo).